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About Us
Where are you located?
We are located at Marks Tey, Colchester, Essex not far from the A120/A12 junction.

What are your office hours?
Our office is open from 9 – 5 Monday through Friday. We welcome your calls on 01206 212505 and your email enquiries at

Can I stop by to view a portable office or guard hut in person?
We would be pleased to meet with you. Please phone for an appointment so we can be sure to have one of our friendly staff members available to serve you.  

Can you just give me a quick quote on a portable office, storage container or guard hut?
As a specialty provider, we offer a wide range of mobile offices, storage containers and guard huts in many different sizes, styles, and option levels. Providing as much detail as you can will help us to give the most accurate quote on the right unit for your site.

Do you have a minimum hire period?
Yes, we require a three month minimum hire of our portable offices or storage containers, longer for distant sites.

What if I want to extend the hire of my portable office?
We are glad you are happy with your portable office. Please call or email us so we can plan on leaving the office in place. We will advise of any necessary paperwork.

Do you sell portable offices as well as hire them?
Yes, we do. Please see the sales section of this website for our full range of portable offices and marketing suites.

Can I get a price for both hire and purchase of a portable office?
Sale units are available to view here on our website. Not all hire units are available for sale.

Do you offer lease-to-buy arrangements?

About Portable Offices
Can I get a partition, extra door, toilet, kitchen, etc in my portable office building?
We can make reasonable alterations and additions for long-term hires of portable buildings. Please feel free to discuss your needs with our staff for a specific quote.

Does the portable office come with heating?
All of our hire cabins come equipped with lighting, heaters, and electric sockets. Sale portable cabins come as described, although the majority are similarly equipped.  

I am concerned about broken windows and theft. Can you help me?
Yes, we have several options. Our anti-vandal offices come complete with steel doors and steel shutters over the windows. Locking metal roll-up shutters are available as an option on many executive units and marketing suites at additional cost. We can also fit wire mesh grills over windows to protect against flying objects and make illegal entry more difficult at a very low price.

I don’t see quite what I am looking for on the website. Do you have other mobile buildings available?
The pictures shown are only samples of the cabins we have provided. We have all types of portable offices, storage containers and guard huts. Our staff will be happy to listen to your ideas and explore suitable options with you.

About Delivery and Set-up  
Do you deliver to all of the U.K.?
We consider each hire on an individual basis. We have travelled across the country for our customers that require long term hire of marketing suites and multiple units. It would be very difficult for us to be competitive on a long distance short-term or long distance container hire due to the cost of transport. Purchased portable offices can be delivered throughout England, Scotland, and Wales.

How soon can I get a portable office or storage container delivered?
Units on hand can usually be delivered within a fortnight unless alterations or special delivery preparations, such as a separate crane, need to be arranged. As a specialist company, we do not stock large numbers of identical portable offices. We prefer to work with our customers to provide a cabin suited to their business. This often requires more preparation, but has many benefits for those wanting accommodation for several months or longer.

Do you connect the units on site?
You will need to have a qualified local electrician and plumber (if required) make these connections as the drivers do not have the requisite certifications for this type of work.

I don’t have much space available for my portable cabins. Can they be stacked?
Many mobile buildings can be stacked. Please email or phone to discuss clearance, compatibility, and safety issues. Stairs are available for an additional charge or you may provide your own.  

Can you set the office directly on the ground?
That depends on the site surface. Concrete or compacted hardcore will usually support the cabin without additional foundations. We can supply large steel plates if required to spread the load. If the surface is soft, such as grass or bare earth, we recommend that a 600-700mm square hole be dug to the level of the clay, usually about 150 – 250 mm deep. This should then be filled with concrete to ground level and be allowed to thoroughly harden. Placement on recently backfilled or built-up earth is not recommended. We will be happy to provide jackleg dimensions once a cabin is selected.  

Can you bring my cabin in sections and put it together on site?
This is not practical due to the design of the units.  

I have limited access. Can you crane a cabin over my house or business?
This is normally done only for business customers that can provide relevant Health and Safety documentation and a Health and Safety supervisor on site. For a home garden, a site-built or flat pack building is a more practical option than the type of building that we provide.  

Do I need planning permission for a mobile office?
Regulations vary by area. We recommend that you contact your local authorities for requirements.  

Can you place a portable cabin inside a building?
This is often possible if the door is large enough. The floor must be smooth and level, as we set the cabin on large skates and push it into place. Please take into account any low hanging lighting or other fixtures. Required clearances vary with type and size of unit. A site visit may be necessary, although photos and measurements may suffice.

If you would like to discuss anything further please contact us on 01206 212505 or via our online enquiry form.

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