Supplying temporary classrooms for schools

Trading Spaces has been working, albeit in a socially distanced manner, all through the Covid 19 pandemic.  As a supplier of portable offices, guard huts and storage containers, we’ve found our services much in demand. Although many of our staff are working from home, we’ve still been delivering our portable offices, containers and guard huts around the country to a range of customers including schools, hospital and businesses.

Portable cabins for temporary classrooms

Most recently we provided a cabin as a temporary classroom at a local school to help them manage social distancing.  Many schools have had to reduce the pupils per classroom and this isn’t always possible within the confines of existing spaces, so extra classrooms have been a huge help.

As we’re aware that the requirements for social distancing need to be acted up on quickly, we supplied and delivered the additional classroom / portable office within a week of order.

We hire temporary offices, storage containers and guard huts

If you’re struggling with space because of social distancing requirements, we can supply temporary offices for hire or storage and guard huts so you can meet security and access needs to your business premises more easily.  Just contact us for further details on 01206 212505 or